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Wooden-fiberglass tubs made in Latvia

MG Timber manufactures the highest quality wood-fiberglass tubs. We offer a full range of services for your convenience. Standard tub or individual order - contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable for you!

We not only manufacture tubs, but also supply and install them, all over Latvia. Our products can also be purchased by monthly payment based contract.

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  • Full service
Wooden tubs made in Latvia

Why choose us?

We offer our customers high quality wooden hot tubs with fiberglass lining. You can order a tub by individual order or choose one of the prefabricated tubs - with delivery to the door of the house or receive it on site at the factory. If necessary, we can equip the tubs with additional equipment - LED lighting, hydromassage, bubbles, etc.

In addition, we also offer a full range of services:

  • Cleaning of pumps and nozzles;
  • Replacement of worn parts;
  • Repair / replacement of running pipes;
  • We work without holidays.


Choose one of the ready-made tubs without waiting

Individual approach

Uzbūvēsim tieši tādu kublu, kas atbilst visām Jūsu vēlmēm

Customer service

We are always available and will answer any of your questions


We give a 2-year warranty for all our hot tubs
Fiberglass wooden tub

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does a wooden hot tub cost?
    Hot tub prices are starting at €1600
  • What is included in the standard equipment?
    The standard equipment of a wooden hot tub includes:
    • Fiberglass lining (color tone optional);
    • Fiberglass lid;
    • Stainless steel external stove;
    • Wood finish (color tone optional);
    • Standard three-step ladder.
  • How to use the tub properly in winter?
    When you have filled the tub with water, light up the stove. When the water has warmed up a little, only then turn on the massage systems. After using the tub, drain the water and make sure there is no water left in the massage systems. This can be done by turning on the massage systems for a short time
  • What additional accessories do you offer for hot tubs?
    We can offer the following accessories for fiberglass hot tubs:
    • Hydro massage system with 8-12 nozzles;
    • Air massage system with 12 nozzles;
    • LED lighting with changeable color tones;
    • Tub insulation;
    • Stainless steel hoops (for a tastier look);
    • Insulated thermal covers;
    • Headrests;
    • Cup holders;
    • < li> Custom stairs to customer specifications.
  • Can I pay by monthly payment basis?
    All our goods can be purchased by monthly payment basis contract.
  • Do the indicated prices include VAT?
    All the prices on the website includes VAT.
  • Do you also install hot tubs?
    We deliver and install hot tubs throughout Latvia.
  • After how long time will I be able to get my hot tub?
    Usually the hot tubs are made in 1-2 weeks.