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Wooden tubs made in Latvia

MG Timber manufactures the highest quality wood-fiberglass tubs. We offer a full range of services for your convenience. Standard tub or individual order - contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable for you!

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Wooden tubs made in Latvia

Why choose us?

We offer our customers high quality wooden hot tubs with fiberglass lining. You can order a tub by individual order or choose one of the prefabricated tubs - with delivery to the door of the house or receive it on site at the factory. If necessary, we can equip the tubs with additional equipment - LED lighting, hydromassage, bubbles, etc.

In addition, we also offer a full range of services:

  • Cleaning of pumps and nozzles;
  • Replacement of worn parts;
  • Repair / replacement of running pipes;
  • We work without holidays.


Choose one of the ready-made tubs without waiting

Individual approach

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Customer service

We are always available and will answer any of your questions


We give a 2-year warranty for all our hot tubs
Fiberglass wooden tub